The Winery - Zeginis Winery, Marathon

Zeginis Winery, a familly-owned winery, founded in the historic town of Marathon, produce quality wines from its own vineyards, cultivated in Ramnous of Marathon, the place where there is the sanctuary of the goddess Nemesis.


Zeginis familly cultivated vines for more generations. The passion for the vine and the wine is trasmitted from generation to generation. This love was the motivation for the foundation of Zeginis Winery, a winery of high standards, where quality wine is produced from familly's vineyards, which continue to be cultivated by the family Zeginis.


The children of the family, Chrysanthi and Alexandra, are the second generation active in the winery with a new vision and ideas to develop.

The vineyards of Zeginis Winery are located near to the archeological site of Ramnous. A very rich land, classified as Protected Geographical Indication of Attica. In its vineyards, greek indigenous varieties like white Savvatiano, Assyrtiko and the red Agiorgitiko, as well as Chardonnay and Merlot are cultivated.


Some History


At the north-eastern coast of Attica, Marathon is just 40 kilometers from Athens. A town with rich natural beauty and history. It has the unique artificial lake of Attica (Marathon Dam), rich green, the unique pine forest, one of the few of the Mediterranean and the wetland of Schinias (National Park).


In 490 BC in the Battle of Marathon, the Greeks defeated the Persians, thanks to Miltiadis' military genius, and the Persians were forced to return to Asia.


After the triumph of the Athenians, Phidippides runner ran from the battlefield to Athens to announce the victory there, cheering « Νενικήκαμεν » (Nenikikaken), before letting his last breath. And so the Marathon Road was born, a fight that inspired and continues to inspires the whole world.


Ramnounta is one of the oldest municipalities and there is the famous sanctuary of the goddess Nemesis.


The goddess is very similar to Artemis and may have represented a local form.


To do it, Zeus was transformed into a swan while she had taken the form of a goose.


After their union, Nemesis gave birth to an egg which was given to Leda, which hatches through this beautiful Helen and the Dioscours. The temple in honor of Nemesis should be founded in the early 6th cent. B.C

Know How



Near to the temple of Nemesis and in a soil with excellent nutrients for the vineyard, the vineyards of Zeginis’ family, the passion for the vine and the production of good wine are combined with the work to produce the best fruits


The complexity of the soil of Zeginis’ vineyards and the special microclimate allow the right maturity of Agiorgitiko and Merlot for the production of our dry red wine and of Savvatiano and Chardonnay for the production of our dry white wine.

Wine - making 


At Zeginis Winery, each fermentation is traditionally done with natural alcoholic fermentations (endogenous yeasts) under ideal conditions, in order to maximize the quality characteristics of the soil and the grape