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Velanidia 2022 Zeginis is a high quality dry white wine produced from the vineyards of the Zeginis family.

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Unveil the Story of Zeginis Chardonnay and Its Unparalleled Distinction: Explore the Essence of Our Unique Brand

Velanidia 2022

Dry White Wine P.G.I. Attiki

Varietal composition : Chardonnay 100 %

Alcoholic volume : 12% vol

Vines' location: Ramnous, Marathon, region of Attica

Zeginis Winery's vineyard, known as "Velanidia" (means oak in greek) in the familly, is where the remarkable Chardonnay grapes are grown, bestowing their name upon this exceptional wine. The Mediterranean climate generously hastens the grapes' maturation, yielding an early harvest in early August. This deliberate timing aims to protect and amplify the Chardonnay's aromatic potency, showcasing its true essence.


Tasting notes :

Colour : pale straw-yellow hue with subtle green reflections

Aromas : Aromas of pear, melon and white blossoms with some peach notes.

Taste : Creamy palate with good acidity, dry base and baked apple, lemon and yoghurt flavors.

Optimal temperature of serving : 10-12 °C


silver Award

London Wine Competition 2022

Silver Medal

Velanidia 2019

Zeginis Winery

Aromas of apple, pear and white blossoms with some peach, apricots and melon notes. Creamy palate with good acidity, dry base and baked apple, lemon and peach yoghurt flavours.

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