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Undoubtedly, one of the chefs of white varieties, Chardonnay is also planted in Greec and in the vineyards of the familly Zeginis, with the guarantee of our expertise.


Chardonnay vineyards of the Zeginis family are cultivated with lots of love and passion, being an aromatic treasure of our production. It is characterized by aromas of white fruits and vanilla.


A wine that promises to bring you moments of relaxation and it harmoniously accompanies fish and shellfish, chicken and cheeses.,

Image by Rafael Barquero

Velanidia - Chardonnay 2019

White Dry Wine I.G.P. Attiki

Variety Composition : Chardonnay 100 %

Alcohol Content : 12 % vol

Location of vineyard : Ramnous, Marathon (Greece)

The vineyard of Zeginis Winery, where Chardonnay is cultivated, has the name Velanidia, which means oak in greek and so it gives the name to its wine.

The warm Mediterranean climate contributes significantly to the rapid ripening of grapes resulting in an early harvest, start of August, to protect and enhance the aromatic potential of Chardonnay.


Quality characteristics

Eye: Bright open straw - yellow with distinctive green reflections

Nose: Expressed with notes of pear, peach and exotic fruits

Mouth: Round and balanced, rich and generous in the mouth

Serving Temperature: 8-12 °C

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