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Savvatiano 2019

White Dry Wine I.G.P. Attiki

Variety Composition: Savvatiano 100 %

Alcohol Content: 12 % vol

Location of vineyard: Ramnous, Marathon (Greece)

Savvatiano is the indigenous variety of Attiki's vineyards and the variety grown in the vineyards of Zeginis Winery since the age our grandparents. It is also the most resistant white grape variety in the Mediterranean climate, as it responds strongly to heat and reduced rainfall.

The enologist of Zeginis Winery wants to highlight the hidden aspects of Savvatiano, based on her scientific knowledge and experience.

Quality characteristics

Eye: Shiny lemon color with green shades

Nose: Aomas of citrus fruits like, lemon, kiwi and white flowers

Mouth: A wine with a strong body and character brought to light by the aromas of the mouth combined with the finest acidity that fills the mouth with freshness. Long aftertaste.

Serving Temperature: 8-12 °C  

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